Friends, here it is, Women’s Day  event at The Women’s University in Rawalpindi…   fun and laughter with the presentation of Gogi cartoons on everyday life  coupled by serious discussion about women’s issues in the Q and A from the students .

 Therefore this celebration gives recognition to those woman personalities who have excelled in their own fields. “Our words can change the whole world because we are all together”. Over the years, more and more people have joined the movement for gender equality. So, what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than through their voice, their strength and their conviction? She showed avideo of how little girls overseas are raising awareness with their empowering songs and demonstration of taking up sports and activities which were considered fit only for boys

 Feminism is just another word for equality. It means women’s rights are human rights ‘women’s day rather every day is women’s day

Ms.  Maliha Hussain, executive Director Meher Garh was the other speaker. Maliha Hussain told students to have firmbelief in their abilities. She emphasized to the importance of self-belief and encouraged young girls and women to be proud of them talking about the harassment. She said that women must have the knowledge of her rights.

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