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A Book is a gift you can open again and again. Gogi Studios has created a set of 7 high quality social awareness comic books designed in a fun manner. These books are educating children about social issues such as interfaith harmony and Women’s Rights etc (Details of each comic book mentioned below). The Books are available both in ENGLISH AND URDU Language.

You can gift them to your child or niece or nephew or you can help us donate these to unprivileged children. These books contain awareness messages that inculcate good values in children.

And we have a story to prove it …Tahira, a school going girl from a small village in Punjab ; Karahi, Chakwal was told leave school due to financial constraints. Through supporters and funders, Gogi Studios was able to distribute the pack of 7 books to a school in that village.Tahira received the pack of books through her brother who had received the books.The book on educating your girl child really struck a chord with her. She read the story out to her family. Her parents were so inspired that today she is back in school completing her Bachelors degree. Help us help other children like her to go back to school.
Following are the details of the books that are included in the set:

Stranger Danger – A book based on educating children on ways to deal with strangers.

Different Faiths One Nation – Promotes interfaith harmony and a spirit of tolerance in children whilst shunning religious extremism.

Fruits of Learning – Educates children on the importance of learning/education.

Women’s Rights – Educates young girls and boys on a woman/girl’s basic rights, their importance and how to safeguard them.

Destruction by Corruption – Enlightens readers on the harmful outcomes of corrupt practices.

Garbage Monster – The book emphasizes the pertinence of keeping a clean environment.

Going Gogi – A collection of Gogi’s comics on various social issues including Women’s rights, environment etc.

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