Gogi’s School Bag

Gogi Studios has packaged the set of 7 social awareness comic books into a school bag which has an appealing outlook for children and is the perfect gift for your child, niece or nephew on their birthday, Eid or just to encourage them to read more often. You can also help us donate this school bag to an unprivileged child who cannot afford a bag on their own.

Items contained within the bag:

Gogi’s set of social awareness comic books – Gogi’s set of 7 comic books on social awareness topics is included in the bag. See description of the books here (You can link Product 1 here)

Gogi’s Notebook – A designed notebook is also included in the bag to encourage children towards drawing/writing and unleashing their imagination

Gogi’s Stationery Pouch – A pouch including the basic stationery i.e Pencils,Color pencils,Erasers, Sharpener and a ruler is also included in the school bag.

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Rs 1,500.00