I had the immense pleasure of meeting Masoud Saffavi, the producer of the popular animation series Shekarestan/Sugarland that has been airing on Iranian broadcast TV since 2009. The talented cartoonist shared the creative process of developing the characters and story line


He showed us the variety in productions with the trailer tape and suddenly the theater room came alive; the characters were vibrant and full of life. We saw several trailers, each different from the other in style and characters, all very impressive but without any doubt , “The winters I haven’t seen “, a film based on the Iran Iraq war, stood out.


He introduced us to the various characters of Shakerestan, which has expanded into other mediums such as games and apps. The cartoon series has also started its own merchandise such as stuffed toys, wrapping paper and school supplies. We discussed the possibility of a joint venture and the cartoonist was more than excited about cultural and creative exchange between the two countries.




Next, we met the famed Iranian film producer Ghasim Ghrooley who enlightened us on the various films he had made over the years. The filmmaker also welcomed the idea for a collaborative project.


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