Gogi Enlightens another Life

Here is the true story of Tahira a girl who had to drop out from school at the behest of her parents but a comic book that she happened to receive from her brother changed her life -she read it and then she read it to her parents who were toched and decided to send her to school once again. we are uploading her letter she sent to us after joining back her school.

We the artists at Gogi studios feel proud that our story could change Tahira’s life so we are sharing it with you hoping that we will get the support we are seeking for distributing our series of “Awareness comicbooks” through an outreach program,which is a fun program with the Gogi Muppet and a cartoonist who draws live cartoons .
"Gogi Enlightens another Life" "Gogi Enlightens another Life"




Take a look back at some of Gogi’s historic moments starting from 1984 to 2011.

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The notable Asia Magazine covered the efforts of Gogi as the social lens of the Pakistani society in 1984.

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An Urdu magazine takes a look at the plight of the first female cartoonist and the use of cartoon as a medium to create social awareness.

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The News’ You! Magazine previews the various education projects and books published by Gogi Studios in 2006.

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The News covers a Gogi event held at the Pakistan National Council of Arts in Islamabad in 2011.

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The Express Tribune’s Life & Style Magazine writes about Gogi Studio’s cartoon illustrations and its significance to educate children.

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