Potsdam, Germany

One of the highlights of Nigar Nazar’s recent trip to Germany for her exhibition was her interaction with 20 kids aged 6-12 years. These school children visited the FNF Headquarters in Potsdam to view the Gogi exhibition. After the exhibition visit, tables and chairs were arranged for them in the foyer. Host, Mr.Wolfgang offered to translate on Nigar Nazar’s behalf as the children didn’t know a word in English. When Nigar started by saying hello but there was no response. “I can’t hear you, did you all have your breakfast?” Wolfgang translated.A loud cheerful “Good Morning” came in response.

Nazar introduced herself and told the kids a bit about her work. The kids were shown Cartoon Qaida; the music and the visuals got them interested. They also viewed animated spots on environment and were shown the animated story of ‘Babloo the boy who didn’t like books’

Nigar Nazar then asked the kids if they wanted to draw, again there was no response. When Wolfgang asked them in German, they all shouted yes they want to draw. Meanwhile, the energetic and excited response from the children drew attention of people from other floors, who came out from their offices to see what was going on. The kids were given paper and pencil to draw. Nigar started teaching with basic drawing of facial expressions; a happy or a sad face. By this time children were very involved and they started drawing excitedly.
The session came to an end with the officers taking snapshots of this unusual activity in their building.
Nigar got a pleasant surprize when all the children queued up for an autograph.So this is cartoons beyond borders she thought

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